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July 8, 2016Posted on

Our Mission and Approach

WHAT Our Mission Is

The AOAF is a new developmental non-profit organization dedicated to improving fracture care for needy patients in LMICs.

WHO We Serve

During the initial task force meetings of February and May 2014 that led to the creation of the AOAF, it became clear that AOAF could not be everything to everyone. Given that we wanted to create as much impact as possible in our launch year, we had to be selective with the initial “target countries”. A set of de facto conditions was established:

  • The country must be a World Bank classified LMIC, defined by gross national income per capita.
  • It must possess an established AOAF surgeon leadership in the target country.
  • Ideally, it should be a former AO SEC target country.
  • Countries least affected by political and natural situations would be given priority.
  • The Board confirmed a list of six countries at its inaugural Board meeting in April 2015.