AO Alliance 4th webinar a success


Surgeons from across Africa attend AO Alliance webinar on treating fracture-related infections

The AO Alliance held another set of successful webinars on June 26th, 2017, on the treatment of fracture-related infections within the context of low-income countries.  As trauma victims seldom receive treatment in time, and with the scarcity of access to timely surgery for open fractures, surgeons are often faced with treating more complex situations with limited resources.

The webinars, broadcast live from Switzerland in both English and French, were presented by AOA orthopedic trauma surgeons, Dr Omar Faruque Golam Kibria for English-speaking Africa (ESA), and Dr Florent Anicet Lekina for French-speaking Africa (FSA). Our faculty members, who have extensive experience in dealing with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of such infections in low-income countries, shared their expertise and solutions for expediting patient recovery.

The webinars attracted viewers from various countries across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America, who actively participated during the live Q&A sessions, moderated by Dr Leonard Banza and Dr Patrick W.H. Dakoure for ESA and FSA respectively. We were pleased to notice the growing participation rate in French- speaking Africa.

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