AO Alliance at the AO Foundation Davos Courses: Another successful week


For the last four years, AO Alliance has been giving back to its African and Asian faculty by providing educational opportunities at the world-renowned AO Foundation Davos Courses. Close to 40 faculty were invited to participate in December 2019.
AO Alliance also hosted a “Friends of AO Alliance” dinner. Over 80 contributors were on hand to network and hear testimonials from our faculty executing great work and capacity building efforts.

The entire presidential line of the AO Foundation participated throughout the evening. Robert McGuire, AO Foundation President, highlighted the close collaboration between the Foundation and the Alliance in advancing the care of the injured. AO Alliance Board Chair, Rolf Jeker, acknowledged the five-year anniversary of AO Alliance activities in 26 Sub-Saharan African countries and 14 Asian countries.

The event was also attended by many of our Founding Fathers, current and past AO Alliance Board members: Jaime Quintero, Suthorn Bavonratanavech, Jim Kellam and Klaus Renner.