Partnership with the Global Surgery Foundation

We are pleased to announce that the AO Alliance and the Global Surgery Foundation (GSF) have signed a memorandum of understanding to partner on fracture care capacity development.


The Global Surgery Foundation (GSF) is a leading global health organization with the goal to improve access to surgical care, thereby ensuring more equitable access to healthcare for all.  Leveraging its surgical care expertise and direct links to the United Nations system, governments and international partners, the GSF empowers frontline implementers to achieve sustainable scale up of safe and affordable surgical care systems where they are most needed.


The AO Alliance is a non-profit development organization dedicated to strengthening care of the injured in over 30 LMICs in Sub-Saharan Africa and in Asia. Our mission is to reduce human suffering, disability, and poverty by implementing programs that enhance local fracture-care capacity for a sustainable impact. The AO Alliance accomplishes this by fostering best practices in patient care through fracture care education and training, and by advocating for injuries to become a global public health priority.


Both organizations share goals to improve care of the injured where access to trauma and orthopedic care is either limited or lacking.


The AO Alliance has joined the GSF Building Bridges for Broken Bones project as a partner, sharing its experience in enhancing fracture care capacity in LMICs. This project is supported by the GSF’s SURGfund.