Advancing care of the injured in Malawi

Dr Saeed Al-Thani (UAE), AO Alliance faculty and Dr Chiku Mpanga, T&O surgeon, Queen Elisabeth Central Hospital, at the practical exercise, locked plating symposium.

It was a busy week for caring for the injured in Malawi from September 21-24, 2022. The Malawi Orthopaedic Association, in collaboration with the AO Alliance, held a nonoperative fracture management course and a symposium on locked plating technology. Over 20 trauma and orthopedic (T&O) surgeons and residents were trained on the advanced technology that will bring new treatment options for complex fractures.

Dr Queen Dube, Chief of Clinical Services at the Ministry of Health, Malawi

Long Bone Fracture Program Partner Gathering

The highlight of the week was a gathering of the Long Bone Fracture Program collaborators in Malawi. We were joined by the KidsOR, Lifebox, Virtual Doctors, the World Federation of Societies of Anesthesiologists, the University of North Carolina and representees of the Ministry of Health of Malawi.

The program is supported by Johnson & Johnson and will initially focus on upgrading the central hospitals, with a shift to the district hospitals in years to come. Implementation has already begun, with the equipment supply and education components progressing at a rapid pace.

“With its integrated approach and systems-based potential, the program will be a game changer for injured Malawians,” said Maria Glebova, Global Surgery Franchise Lead, Global Public Health, Johnson & Johnson.