Privacy Policy

Hereinafter we publish our data protection policy in order for you to verify that all data provided by you is properly handled. If you have questions or comments regarding our data protection policy please send an e-mail to [email protected].

In the terms and conditions that follow, the terms “we”, “us” and “our” are used to refer to the AO Alliance Foundation.

1. Legal basis

We collect and process data by using electronic data processing and in compliance with the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection.

2. Data collection

We process data which we have rightfully obtained, such as (i) contact details, pictures etc. which you provided to us and (ii) data regarding a legal relationship between you and us (if existing).

We may collect and store information from you that you voluntarily choose to give us on our website. In these instances, we will inform you of the purposes of collecting the personal information, and we shall obtain your consent before collecting the said information.

You may be requested to provide personal information to access features or services provided by this website. Under these circumstances, we will clearly disclose the class of information to be collected, the purposes of the collection and the way the information collected will be used.

3. Adequacy

Our data processing is adequate and reasonable, ie, we only collect and process personal data which is needed for the professional handling of your application or commission, for the statistical analysis of our website and for the enhancement of our products and services.

In addition, we may conduct research on user demographics, interests and behaviors based upon information provided to us during use of our website. We may combine your information with information collected from other users to produce anonymous, aggregated and statistical information. Aggregated and statistical data does not include personally identifiable information. We may also share this anonymous aggregated or statistical information with partners or other third parties.

4. Accuracy of data

If we have any doubt regarding the accuracy of personal data which was provided to us, we will verify such data.

If you notice that your personal data is incorrect or is not up to date, you may ask us any time to rectify the respective data at no cost.

5. Data security

Our database containing your personal data is always protected by adequate technical and organizational measures against illegal access, illegal use of the data and data processing by unauthorized persons.

6. Confidentiality

We treat personal data confidential and do not hand over such data to others. We reserve, however, the right to have such data processed by third parties in Switzerland or abroad, if required for operational reasons. In this case said third party will have to sign a confidentiality agreement.

7. Registration of database

Our database has not been registered with the Swiss Federal Data Protection Commissioner.

8. Termination of data processing

You have the right to notify us at any time that you wish that your personal data shall not be processed by us any more.

9. Place of jurisdiction

All claims related to data protection matters shall be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the ordinary courts in Davos, Switzerland.