AO Alliance Faculty Education Training conducted in Dhaka, Bangladesh


Faculty development plays a key role in helping surgeons become excellent teachers. It also provides opportunities for faculty to challenge themselves while advancing their careers. Empowering orthopedic and trauma surgeons to translate theory into practice requires the highest quality instruction. AO Alliance’s faculty members not only embrace lifelong learning for themselves but facilitate it for the legions of surgeons who seek to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Thirty AO Alliance faculty from Bangladesh gathered in Dhaka, Bangladesh in October for the 2019 AO Alliance Faculty Education Training (FET). The event concentrated on adult learning principles and small group discussions. Participants benefited from the unique knowledge that made the AO orthopedic and trauma faculty education the best worldwide.

The program connected participants from Bangladesh over two days, living the AO Alliance spirit, sharing the specifics of trauma care and translating theory into practice.

John Muhhopadhaya (India) and Claude Martin jr. (Switzerland) and certified AO surgical educator Carola Hoentzsch (Switzerland) gave feedback on the fifteen-minute demo discussions prepared by each participant and discussed the findings within the peer group.

Along with the program’s theoretical and practical content, the well-known “AO Alliance spirit” established an atmosphere of friendship and sincere support.

Thanks to the expert faculty, every detail was considered in the preparation and implementation of the program. And special thanks to National Course Chair Mohammad Khurshed Alam for his leadership and organizational skills.