AO Alliance Foundation webinar series 2


Treatment of pediatric elbow injuries in low-income countries

We are very pleased to announce a pediatric AO Alliance Foundation webinar, which will be held on 11 April 2016 in English and French. This webinar, dedicated to the treatment of pediatric elbow injuries in low-income countries, has been developed in collaboration with pediatric trauma surgeons practicing in those environments.

Pediatric trauma is a global phenomenon in low-income countries. Continuing medical education courses for fracture treatment have improved the delivery of pediatric trauma care. The development of such education must meet the realities of a low-income country.

The everyday of pediatric trauma care in low-income countries can be very cruel. Challenging living conditions, heavy traffic, a lack of safe play space and absence of child care options make injuries more likely. Inaccessible and unaffordable emergency cares and the unknown epidemiology in many of these countries present caregivers with significant challenges. Many of the injuries are preventable but there is little awareness, and no practical and well-targeted prevention measures. Late presentation of these injuries is often the norm, with few restoration solutions available.

Participants will be able to recognize and diagnose elbow fractures and related elbow injuries in children and adolescents; explain the serious nature of these fractures and how they can be overlooked; define treatment options and attitudes in low-income countries with limited resources; and prevent, identify, and manage complications. Two AO Alliance Foundation pediatric trauma surgeons, with extensive knowledge of and expertise in such situations, Leonard Banza (Malawi) and Florent Anicet Lekina (Cameroon), will present and moderate the webinar.

Participants will be able to chat and ask questions in real time and get immediate feedback.

This webinar has concluded, thank you for your participation.

We will upload a recorded session to our Resources page, and looking forward to your continued attendance in our future webinars.