AO Alliance sponsors surgeons to attend AO Trauma Masters online courses in Madrid and Dubai

Maintaining access to educational events for our network of healthcare workers has been a top priority for the AO Alliance during these trying times that have forced most of our face-to-face courses to be suspended. In order to keep the momentum going, the AO Alliance sponsored 41 surgeons from its network to attend six AO Trauma Masters online courses in September, October and November 2020, based in Dubai and Madrid.

Two trauma and orthopedic surgeons who were awarded the opportunity, Dr Noha Nyamulani from Malawi and Dr Ethel Egbekun from Nigeria, had nothing but positive feedback about the Fractures around the Elbow course: “Many parts of the course can easily be integrated into my daily practice of orthopedic work,” said Dr Noha Nyamulani.

Dr Ethel Egbekun added: “It helped me to grasp the importance of proper evaluation planning in the management of difficult elbow injuries, so as to proffer the best outcome for the patient.”

Thanks to online education opportunities, the AO Alliance has been able to maintain its mandate to support continuing education of healthcare workers, and is currently developing its own online learning platform. Stay tuned!