AO Alliance Sponsorship Application to attend AO Davos Online Courses 2020

The AO Alliance is offering to qualifying surgeons of our network in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia the opportunity to attend one of the outstanding AO Trauma online courses from December 3-6, 2020.

Trauma and orthopedic surgeons in LMICs are facing unprecedented and challenging conditions with the COVID-19 pandemic. This worldwide concern has brought AO Alliance’s face-to-face educational activities to a standstill. Many organizations with more developed means have been able to offer online education that is pertinent to the AO Alliance network. While there is a lot available on the web, quality is not always assured.

This year, the AO Davos Courses offers participants across the world more ways of taking part than in previous years. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of the courses are designed to be online, based on the needs of the faculty and participants to ensure that hygiene measures can be followed.

There are 10 Masters and Advanced level Courses for which the AO Alliance has reserved 10 vouchers each (100 in total).
To qualify for the course, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Trauma and orthopedic surgeons with at least 2 years of experience who want to update their expertise, and want to manage complications and more complex cases.
  2. Participants should have completed either the AO Alliance or the AO Trauma Advanced Principles of Fracture Management course and must be able to communicate well in English (except Pediatric course with AO Alliance or AO Trauma Basic Principles of Fracture Management course qualification).
  3. These online courses will be delivered on four consecutive days. Participants should be able to join online for 4 hours each day with a reliable Internet connection.

The AO Alliance will cover the registration fees.
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Application deadline: October 7, 2020.
If you have any questions, please contact Angela Weber, AO Alliance Project Assistant [email protected]