Faculty from Africa and Asia attend AO Education Institute coaching program in Davos


December 1-4, 2019. Davos, Switzerland. AO Alliance wrapped up its fifth year of operation with a coaching program for its faculty from Africa and Asia This initiative was carried out in collaboration with AO Trauma and the AO Education Institute

Faculty development plays a key role in helping surgeons become excellent teachers. Enabling orthopedic and trauma surgeons to translate theory into practice requires the highest quality instruction.

As part of this continuum of faculty development, 12 AO Alliance faculty from Africa and Asia participated in a coaching event that taught them the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to mentor and develop other AO Alliance faculty in their own countries. They put into practice their newly acquired skills, immediately as they coached AOTrauma faculty during the first week of the AO Foundation Davos Courses. This prestigious education event attracts over 1,200 participants and 400 faculty from all over the world.

Dr Piet de Boer, who was the course Chairman has an impressive track record in education, being the first President of AO UK and having edited a “multi-author book” the AO Principles of Education and Learning. He was very impressed by the attitudes of the participants. “They are the most enthusiastic group of participants we have ever had. They are clearly totally committed to the work they do with the Alliance and very enthusiastic to become coaches.”

A participant from Bangladesh, Dr Muhammad Shahiduzzaman, admitted to being initially apprehensive when he was first offered the opportunity to join the program. That quickly turned around when the course began: “It was an amazing experience. Now I feel confident that I can coach people as I know what has to be worked on. I will take this message home and will coach my faculty.” Dr Shahiduzzaman has been involved with AO and AO Alliance since 2008, when it was preceded by AO SEC.

Among the participants we interviewed, the message is the same: the coaching program has made such an impact on their teaching and communication skills that it must be repeated.