Help us secure PPE for our network of healthcare workers

To our AO Alliance community,

At the start of the new coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan earlier this year, healthcare workers were insufficiently protected because of lack of awareness of the emergence of a novel infectious disease. As recognition increased of the contagiousness of what was to be named COVID-19, the strains on the medical system quickly became overwhelming, and initial shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) continued to contribute to a substantially increased risk of infection among healthcare workers.

This is the case for surgeons from our community in Africa and Asia. Many surgeons in the AO Alliance network are one of very few orthopedic surgeons in their country. A lack of PPE and exposure to COVID-19 will put an even greater strain on already stretched resources and further limit access for patients to care.

We are asking our extended community of friends to come together and raise money to outfit our AO Alliance healthcare workers with locally-sourced PPE to protect them as they continue to do life altering work. We ask that you share this message and accompanying video with twenty people in your network via email and social media to spread this message far and wide.

Think back to the panic you had at the beginning of the pandemic when PPE was quickly disappearing. What would you do to curb that fear for someone else in our community?

Help us make a difference, for our frontline healthcare workers and their patients: