Joseph Mwanga Coaches Faculty at the AO Davos Courses 2023

In the ever-evolving field of medicine, continuous learning and improvement are paramount. Recognizing this, AO Trauma coach Dr Piet de Boer took a significant step in advancing the skills of AO Trauma faculty by inviting Dr Joseph Mwanga (Tanzania) to coach them during the prestigious AO Davos Courses in Switzerland in December 2023. This initiative aimed to enhance their teaching competencies, ultimately benefiting surgeons-in-training.

De Boer’s decision to invite Mwanga as a coach for surgeons teaching fracture management reflects a commitment to excellence in medical education. Acknowledging the importance of effective teaching in shaping the next generation of surgeons, this initiative sought to refine the skills of experienced practitioners and to foster an atmosphere of collaborative and safe learning.

“I am honored to have been invited by Piet de Boer to coach AO Trauma surgeons. The opportunity to contribute to the growth and development of fellow professionals is both humbling and inspiring. Piet’s commitment to advancing fracture care education reflects a shared dedication to excellence, and I am grateful to have played a role in this essential initiative,” says Dr Mwanga.

Mwanga, who serves as the AO Alliance Chair of the English-speaking Africa steering committee, with his wealth of knowledge and experience in the field, proved to be an invaluable mentor. His coaching methodology went beyond imparting technical skills; it encompassed the art of effective communication and the nuances of transmitting complex information.

Among the surgeons benefiting from Mwanga’s coaching, Dr Muhammad Ather Siddiqi (UK) emerged as a notable success story. Through dedicated mentorship, Siddiqi acquired a deeper understanding of how to convey his own expertise to surgeons-in-training.

“What struck me most about Dr Mwanga’s coaching style was his unwavering commitment to my professional growth. He tailored his guidance to my individual needs, providing constructive feedback and practical strategies to enhance my teaching abilities. Through insightful discussions and hands-on training, Dr Mwanga equipped me with the tools to create a conducive learning environment,” recalls Siddiqi.

His positive experience stands as a testament to the efficacy of the coaching program. Surgeons like Dr Muhammad Ather Siddiqi, who are on the front lines of fracture care education, play a crucial role in shaping the future of the profession. By improving their teaching abilities, the ripple effect of enhanced knowledge and skills cascades down to the next generation of healthcare workers.

This initiative serves as a beacon for continued investment in professional development, ensuring that the medical community remains at the forefront of excellence in care of the injured.