Launch of the new AO Alliance introductory video

The AO Alliance is delighted to announce the launch of its new introductory video featuring board members and faculty thanks to a fruitful collaboration with Ms. Caitlin Miranda, who produces documentary films in her spare time when she’s not busy with her duties as a senior producer and brand strategist at Muse Storytelling.

“I had the pleasure of growing up around the AO, going to courses where I saw my father (Dr Mike Miranda) teaching and innovating alongside the best orthopedic surgeons in the world. To me, that is the legacy of the AO. So, when I heard about the AO Alliance, an organization that not only brings together the best innovators in fracture care, but focuses on doing it through local capacity buildup, I wanted to help get those stories out into the world because that is how real change is created,” says Caitlin.

We are ever so grateful to Caitlin for offering her time and expertise to produce the video at no cost, and to Mr. Richard Lyle Percy for his editing work.