The AOAF successfully holds its first webinar

The online event was a positive experience for all

We, the AO Alliance Foundation (AOAF), are proud to announce that our first webinar held on 26 October 2015 was an all-around success. The webinar, presented by Subhas Shah from Nepal and moderated by Nicholas Lubega from Malawi, tackled the ever-growing challenge of the management of open tibia fractures in low-income countries. Over 180 participants worldwide were online to attend the virtual event. Well past the allotted 60-minute slot, Shah and Lubega were still busy answering questions submitted by the participants in the chat room.

Through webinars (interactive live broadcasts of lectures on a predefined topic delivered over the Internet), we can present a relevant ”˜hot’ clinical topic live to a target audience of healthcare professionals from low-income countries. The audience is able to participate actively by watching the live feed, asking questions and getting real-time answers.

Thanks to extensive preparation and support, a polished webinar was delivered. The webinar success was also largely because of indispensible support from the AO Education eLearning team. The entire AOAF team was likewise instrumental in executing the event professionally.

Both Shah and Lubega said the event was a very positive experience and that webinars are of extraordinary value, with the information being communicated simultaneously to a large number of participants all over the world.

According to the faculty, “The response from your audience was tremendous. They were engaged ”¦ the questions were pertinent and intelligent. The need for information was there and the knowledge gap was narrowed.”

The recorded webinar “Treatment of open tibia fractures in low-income countries” can be viewed free of charge.

The next AOAF webinar is scheduled for 11 April 2016, and will be about the treatment of pediatric elbow fractures in low-income countries. Please consult our website regularly for confirmation and updates.

See you at the next webinar!