The Return of AO Alliance Courses in Senegal

Dakar, Senegal, December 12, 2023. The Dakar orthopedic community welcomes the return of AO Alliance courses on the principles of non-operative treatment of the most common limb fractures after a nine-year hiatus. Since 2014, AO Alliance courses had momentarily disappeared from the medical agenda in Dakar, despite their noticeable impact in the training of residents, plaster technicians, and operating room personnel (ORP), leaving a gap in this type of training for trauma and orthopedic surgical residents in Senegal.

This revival was made possible by the vision of the new leaders of Senegalese traumatology, Professors Charles Bertin Dieme and André Daniel Sane. Prof. Amadou Ndiassé Kasse was chosen to lead the new AO Alliance efforts in Senegal.

With the support of the AO Alliance, this first nonoperative course in the country involved the participation of two regional faculty, Dr Anani Gregoire Abalo (Head of trauma and orthopedics for Togo) and Dr Daniel Handy Eone (Head of trauma and orthopedics for Cameroon). This collaborative approach enabled participants to benefit from balanced training adapted to the medical environment in Senegal. These two experts and the local team brilliantly led the course, marking a significant milestone in the Senegalese medical landscape. The course generated renewed enthusiasm among the region’s healthcare professionals.

The three-day course covered a wide range of topics, from initial fracture management to advanced nonoperative treatment techniques. Participants had the opportunity to acquire practical skills through interactive workshops, live demonstrations, and real-life case studies. With 35 residents in training from six Dakar hospitals taking part in these courses, the impact on the Dakar medical community is undeniable. The transfer of knowledge, the acquisition of advanced skills, and the creation of networks between participants will not only help to strengthen the level of trauma care, but also foster a culture of collaboration and continuous learning.

The successful return of AO Alliance courses marks a turning point in the Senegalese medical landscape. The future looks bright, with a new generation of doctors trained to meet the complex challenges of modern traumatology. Dr Abalo and Dr Kasse are already looking ahead to future initiatives to further strengthen medical training and improve standards of trauma care across the country.

Course participants

Course faculty team

Participants practice applying plaster casts during the practical exercises.