Webinar series on “Advances in Casting & Splinting” powered by AO Alliance and Essity

The AO Alliance and Essity ( ) have been partnering in fracture care training for healthcare professionals since 2019. The momentum for face-to-face programs has recently been lost due to the pandemic. In light of the situation, we feel this is the right opportunity to exploit digital channels to ensure continuity in healthcare training programs. We are collaborating with Essity to leverage their expertise in driving digital training programs at scale.

Hence, a series of webinars on the central theme of advances in casting and splinting are planned starting May 16, 2020 focusing on nonoperative management of orthopedic injuries. Each webinar will be an hour long, led by faculty from AO Alliance, AO Trauma and national faculty from across India.

The first webinar: “Conservative Treatment of Fractures: Challenges & Tips for Everyday Cases” will feature Dr Devashis Barick as the speaker, and include Dr George Thomas (India), Dr Ram K. Shah (Nepal) and Dr Claude Martin jr. (Canada) as panelists. The webinar can be accessed at the following link: